ISG Fluid Level Sensor


This is a three wire system where there are 2 power in wires (+,-) and a third status wire that reports whether the sensor is either in or out of fluid on an internal PCBA.  There are 2 variations of the status reporting: one is a normally open circuit to ground that closes and conducts when out of fluid, and the other is the reverse, that conducts when in fluid then opens when out of fluid.  Functionally it is the same as the standard sensor except that the added PCBA replaces the customer’s drive and monitoring circuit.  The added PCBA raises both the minimum turn on voltage and maximum withstanding voltage due to the voltage drop of the PCBA. The 12v PCBA uses a 12 Ohm sense resistor while the 24v PCBA uses an 80 Ohm sense resistor.

flsw-3 wire

FLSW 3 Wire

flsw-4 wire

FLSW 4 Wire


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