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We encourage you to contact us about any problem in the area of noise and vibration. There is no charge for initial consultation. All correspondence, information, and data will remain confidential. We are pleased to provide you a list of previous clients for reference.

ACUPRO - With the ACUPRO Measurement System, you can evaluate sound absorption of, and the transmission loss associated with, materials quickly and accurately. Conforms to standards ISO10534-2, ASTM E-1050 and ASTM E-261. Learn More.

ACUPAVE - For the in situ measurement of pavement absorption, ground impedance, and carpet absorption. Learn More.

HYDROLYNX - Real Time Data Telemetry Systems. These systems provide our clients accurate and timely hydrological data. Our customers use this data to make decisions that protect lives and property in their communities. Learn More.

Fluid Level Sensors - The Fluid Level Sensor detects and reports the presence or absence of fluid by immersion without moving parts. Learn More.




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